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Improve Conversion RatesThe average LASIK practice converts 70% of candidates to surgery. This results in 30% of patients that come through your door still living with the frustrations of glasses and contact lenses. Most surgical coordinators get inundated with day-to-day processes and either don’t make or have time to call back the non-converted patients.

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Did you know that 90% of these non-converted patients have still not had surgery one year after their initial consultation? Imagine if you can convert just five more, 10 more or even 20 more patients a month? Imagine making $20,000-$80,000 more per month by converting these past non-converts.

This is where Denali Patient Conversions comes in. Our highly trained team of sales professionals, composed of past surgical coordinators, will contact these lost leads and get the patients back in for a follow-up consultation, a dilated eye exam, and ready to move forward with surgery.

What makes Denali Patient Conversions unique? Led by the “LASIK Rainmaker”, Paul Stubenbordt, Denali Patient Conversions utilizes nearly 20 years of surgical coordinator experience and proven sales tactics to emotionally connect and build rapport with patients. When we call patients, we focus on the patient fully understanding the benefits of LASIK, helping them over their objections, and ultimately allowing them to get the clear vision they deserve.  As an added bonus, Denali Patient Conversions gets patients approved for financing over the phone, virtually eliminating the financial hurdle.

” Although I’m not a surgeon, I love helping patients get the clear vision they deserve. For nearly 20 years, I have had the pleasure of seeing thousands of happy patients during post-op visits and I too am a lucky recipient of LASIK. I created Denali Patient Conversions to allow practices to maximize their revenue while helping patients reduce or eliminate their need for glasses and contacts.”

Why Choose Denali Patient Conversions?

  • We charge one flat fee that you only pay when a patient has paid for and completed their surgery
  • We are the only conversion service comprised of past surgical coordinators, who are experienced and driven to convert your patients
  • You can immediately increase your revenue without increasing your overhead
  • Rest assured, our team will maximize your conversion rate, which in turn maximizes the effectiveness of your advertising dollars and potential refractive revenue
  • We pre-approve most patients for financing on the phone, virtually eliminating the financial hurdle

To get started, click HERE or call 682-831-0900 ext 105 today!