Optometric Continuing Education Events

We at Denali Creative understand that when it comes to growing your ophthalmology practice, referring optometrists are of utmost importance. This is because over 70% of all surgical cases that come into your practice will first be seen by an optometrist before they are referred out for surgery. With our 15 years of experience, Denali can help you grow your optometric referral base by creating COPE approved continuing education events ranging from one to eight credits per event.

We can do everything for you!

  • Create the subject matter outline and submit to COPE for approval
  • Create the draft of the presentation that will be given
  • Research and create the list of optometrists to invite to the event
  • Send out invitations via email & fax, and we can accept RSVPs
  • Help select the perfect venue for the event
  • Assist in setting up audio/visual equipment or finding a vendor to do so
  • Setup and manage CE event through the entire day/evening
  • Submit final documentation for Post-Event Approval

In addition to CE credits we also help hire and train optometric liaisons, set up a CRM (i.e., Salesforce) to track their visits, and create optometric or PCP newsletters for the perfect communication bridge between you and your optometric partners.

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