Staff Training

TelephoneThe average cost per new patient inquiry is $200. In other words, it costs about $200 to make your phone ring once. Now, imagine your phone ringing, and no one answers it. That’s why we start working with our clients by understanding the unique characteristics of their practice, management team and target market.

We build a solid foundation starting with the internal marketing staff. Some practices never make it, not because of a poor advertising campaign, but because the staff is not properly trained to convert those inbound calls into consultations and those consultations into surgeries.

Sometimes just having the right person in the driver’s seat is all our clients need to take their practice to the next level.

Phone Training

After the initial impression is made on your practice’s website, the telephone is the first real point of contact a potential patient has with your office. The way your staff answers patients’ calls has a direct impact on patient conversions.

We offer phone training for office staff to ensure the proper first impressions are made when a patient calls in. First, we listen to calls to determine how the staff interacts with patients. We grade these phone calls using our Phone Call Report Card, and then provide an in-depth on-site training session. Weeks later, we return for a follow up session.