Cataract and PIOL Marketing

Cataract and
PIOL Marketing

Ever since the pivotal CMS Ruling 05-01 in 2005, which allowed ophthalmic surgeons to charge for Presbyopia-Correcting Intraocular Lens (P-C IOLs), Paul Stubenbordt, our founder, has been leading the charge in the realm of Premium Lens marketing and sales training. This landmark ruling revolutionized the world of cataract and PIOL surgeries, transforming them into significant opportunities for growth within the elective medical field. We have taken practices from 0% to 60%+ conversion ratios for premium IOLS, astigmatism correction and laser assisted cataract surgery.
At Denali Creative – A Stubenbordt Company, we have risen to this challenge by honing our focus on cataract and PIOL marketing. Our strategies are not merely devised with an eye on results; they are grounded in patient-centered principles. Paul’s deep-seated understanding of the impact of these procedures on patients’ lives informs every facet of our work. We comprehend the profound life-enhancing potential of these procedures, but we are also acutely aware of the concerns and questions they often raise. Our marketing strategies are meticulously crafted to address these queries, deliver clear, accurate information, and showcase the unparalleled expertise and compassionate care offered by your practice.

We serve as a robust marketing partner to all – from fledgling clinics aiming to carve a niche in their local communities to large practices striving to fortify their market positions. Our tailor-made marketing campaigns are designed to cater to your unique requirements. Drawing on Paul’s extensive experience and our collective passion for this field, we offer campaigns that resonate with your prospective patients and spur practice growth.

As pioneers in the world of elective medical marketing, Denali Creative stand ready to amplify your reach in the landscape of cataract and PIOL surgeries. Embrace the future of Premium Lens marketing and sales training with us, under the guiding hand of our visionary founder, Paul Stubenbordt.