Phone Training

Phone Training

On average, each new patient inquiry represents an investment of $200. To put it another way, a single ring of your phone carries a $200 value. Yet, what if no one is there to answer it? That’s why our journey with our clients begins with a comprehensive understanding of their practice’s unique traits, leadership style, and target demographic.

We kickstart our collaboration by fortifying the foundations of your internal marketing team. Many practices stumble not due to inadequate advertising, but because the team isn’t equipped to transform inbound calls into consultative appointments, and those appointments into surgical procedures.

We can also implement AI Technology which can do the following:

  • Uses AI to an analysis EVERY new patient call, and the referral source.
  • Gives individual employee conversion rates (Phone call to appointment) and shares pertinent information for non-converted calls, broken down per phone staff member.
  • Increases conversion rates by immediately notifying staff members of new patient leads from organic, paid search or social media. For example, Phillip Smith just submitted a new web form for Refractive Lens Exchange, to connect to this patient now, press 1.” Next, using VOIP, it will call the patient immediately, connecting your phone staff to the patient. This allows responses in 60 seconds vs hours or days.


The phone call following a visit to your practice’s website is a crucial touchpoint for potential patients. The manner in which your staff handle these calls can significantly affect patient conversion rates.

We offer specialized phone training for office staff to ensure stellar first impressions are made with every patient call. Our process begins with listening to and evaluating your team’s interaction with patients. Using our custom-designed Phone Call Report Card, we assess these calls, followed by an extensive on-site training session. To ensure sustainable results, we revisit for a follow-up training session a few weeks later.