Optometric Outreach


Cultivating Referrals, Cultivating Success

Denali Creative – Stubenbordt Company is a beacon of excellence in the world of optometric consulting. With our expertise, we guide eye health professionals towards a future of growth, development, and sustainable success. Our Optometric Outreach program forms the heart of our service suite, purpose-built to expand your referral base and establish strong, trustworthy relationships with area optometrists. We know that trust is the cornerstone of every successful partnership, and we dedicate ourselves to fostering this trust within your referral network.

Optometric Liaison

To ensure seamless communication and collaboration between your practice and your referral network, we offer comprehensive OD Liaison training. Our team empowers your liaisons with the necessary skills and knowledge to build and maintain productive relationships with optometrists in your area.

Continuing Education

At Denali Creative – Stubenbordt Company, we believe in lifelong learning. As part of our Optometric Outreach program, we provide extensive assistance with Continuing Education (CE) events. This includes putting together compelling, educational CE slide presentations, ensuring COPE approval, and meticulously organizing the events. Our aim is to make these educational opportunities as engaging and stress-free as possible.

Optometric Co-Management

Navigating the complexities of optometric co-management can be daunting, but at Denali Creative – Stubenbordt Company, we’re committed to helping you stay in line with the ever-evolving legal landscape.


Our dedicated compliance experts are on top of the latest information in optometric law and policy, such as the recent OIG 22-14 Advisory Opinion. We continually analyze and interpret these new developments to understand their implications for our clients’ practices.

Evading Legal

The Federal Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) is a critical consideration in co-management arrangements, and non-compliance can lead to severe penalties. Our experts understand the intricacies of this legislation, providing clear, actionable guidance to avoid situations that could potentially lead to anti-kickback violations. We help you interpret ambiguous situations, enabling you to make confident, informed decisions that are both ethically sound and legally compliant.


Our aim is not only to help you react to changes but also to adopt a proactive approach to compliance. This means anticipating legal developments, understanding potential risks, and implementing preventive measures.
Optometric co-management is a crucial aspect of providing comprehensive eye care, but it must be handled with care to ensure adherence to all legal requirements. Trust Denali Creative – Stubenbordt Company to guide you through the complexities of co-management compliance, so you can focus on delivering superior patient care.