LASIK Marketing

Our Founder’s LASIK
Marketing Journey

The genesis of Denali Creative – A Stubenbordt Company is intimately tied to the journey of our founder, Paul Stubenbordt, and his deep-rooted connection to the field of LASIK marketing. Paul’s journey began at one of the nation’s most prolific private LASIK practices. There, amidst the bustling cadence of a solo surgeon performing over 800 cases monthly, Paul honed his skills in phone, sales, and patient conversion. This formative experience unveiled to him the intricate tapestry of hard work, strategic organization, and delicate coordination that is required to propel a LASIK practice to the zenith of success.
Paul’s career took an exciting turn when he and his family found their new home in the Midwest. There, he took the helm of a LASIK practice that was seeing a modest 7 procedures a month. Drawing from his past experience and armed with a profound understanding of the field, Paul enacted transformative changes. The impact was profound and rapid; in a staggering span of just four months, the practice saw its monthly procedures catapult from 7 to over 100.

The story did not end there. Paul took the practice’s success a step further, extending its reach with the establishment of a second location. This expansion, nurtured by Paul’s unwavering commitment and strategic acumen, led to the practice regularly performing 200-250 cases a month, firmly establishing it as a frontrunner in the field.

Paul’s professional journey was aptly immortalized by Mike Malley in an article titled “The LASIK Rainmakers”. This publication was more than just a recognition of Paul’s immense contribution to the field of LASIK marketing; it served as the launchpad for his remarkable career. Today, his lifelong dedication and intimate connection to LASIK marketing form the core foundation of Denali Creative – A Stubenbordt Company. It is a testament to his commitment that LASIK marketing remains central to our operations and close to the heart of our founder.

Later in his career, he and his family moved the Midwest, where he took a practice from 7 eyes a month to over 100 eyes a month in just four months! After expanding this same practice to a second location, the practice performed 200-250 cases a month on a regular basis. Later on, Mike Malley wrote an Article called, The LASIK Rainmakers” launching Paul’s career.
LASIK/Refractive Marketing

Marketing in the elective medical field requires a delicate balance of education and persuasion.

This is especially true for LASIK marketing, where patients are actively seeking life-changing solutions to their vision problems. Denali Creative – A Stubenbordt Company excels in creating marketing strategies that position your practice as the go-to provider for LASIK procedures.

We craft targeted marketing campaigns that raise awareness of your services, educate potential patients about the benefits and safety of LASIK, and ultimately guide them to choose your practice. Our strategies leverage digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, and more, tailored to your specific needs and market conditions. Our LASIK marketing solutions are evidence-based, ensuring they resonate with your target audience. Our goal is to help you attract more patients, build strong relationships, and grow your practice through effective and ethical marketing. With Denali Creative, you can be confident that your LASIK marketing is in proven hands.